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Claeys-Müller Translation Services is a translation agency with German/Dutch roots based in Germany. CMTS is specialised in translation services into Central and Eastern European languages in a great number of specialist fields..

Translation Services

  • Translation by native speakers

  • Proofreading

  • Independent review

  • Sworn translations


Your advantages


  • Quality/professional level

Your translation will be carried out by specialised professionals. 


  • Time saving

With an extensive team of qualified professional translators, proofreaders and terminology specialists we care for a quick delivery of you orders


  • Continuity

Reliability and Confidentiality


  • Consistency

In general all your texts will be handled by the same translator. Furthermore we work with a translation memory in Trados. So you can be sure of consistency in style and terminology.

contact data:


Translation Services
Falkensteinstr. 28
D-41363 Jüchen
Tel +49(0)21653440238

E-Mail: info@cmts.eu





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